Auxiliary Emergency Fund (AEF)


The Auxiliary Emergency Fund is an excellent example of the Auxiliary's dedication to "Women Helping Women." The fund, established in 1969, is supported by memorial contributions from Auxiliary Units and members. It provides temporary emergency financial assistance to Auxiliary members who have exhausted all other personal and community resources. For members who find themselves suddenly single, deserted, divorced, or widowed, with no skills to support themselves or their families, the Displaced Homemakers Fund provides immediate aide to help the member acquire new job skills or upgrade competitive workforce skills through schooling or job training. Temporary assistance is also available for food and shelter to eligible members related to weather-related emergencies and natural disasters.


This fund provides emergency assistance to a member for a limited period of time, provided she has been a member of the Auxiliary for the immediate past two consecutive years (for National's application) and past three consecutive years (for Department's application) and has her current year's dues paid.