The Auxiliary's Membership program conducts ongoing recruiting to ensure the future growth and prosperity of the organization. Auxiliary members work diligently to publicize and promote the benefits, objectives and activities of the Auxiliary and seek out those eligible women who might be interested in membership and active involvement in Unit activities. Units, Departments and Divisions vie in friendly competition against one another as they work toward reaching their individual and organizational membership goals.


Membership is the foundation on which the program of the American Legion Auxiliary is built, and the success or failure of that program depends largely on how well the foundation is laid. With the start of each new Auxiliary year, we build that foundation even before we plan any of our other programs. No Unit can successfully carry out any large activity without the firm foundation of a strong membership.


Membership Eligibility


You may join the American Legion Auxiliary if you are:


Eligibility Dates

World War I

April 6, 1917 to November 11, 1918

World War II and afterwards +

December 7, 1941 to now


NOTE: With the change adopted by the American Legion in August 2019, the American Legion Auxiliary is now able to accept the male spouses, as well as the female spouses of American Legion members.